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Early Indo-Christian Gold Ring

Northwest Provinces, india

ca. 5th - 7th Centuries CE

Ring Size: 5 - 5.5 (23mm) Weight: 4.1g

U.S. ring size: 5-5.5


ex: Private Collection, London. Acquired by Antiquarium in New York, 2011

Published: Content, Derek, Ollemans, Sue & Antiquarium, Ltd.; Asian Jewels. Vol.1 (New York, 2018) no.45

Comparandum: Starr, S. Frederick; Lost enlightenment : Central Asia's golden age from the Arab conquest to Tamerlane (Princeton, 2013) pp.88-92 van Cutsem, Anne ; A World of Rings. Africa, Asia America (Milan, 2000) p.209, pl.126-1

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